Why does your startup needs to be global?

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Have you wonder why startups are created to be global companies? There is several reasons to thing big and not be constrained to small markets. Here are my take aways:

1️⃣ Digital Reach: the internet? is the most powerful market enabler out there. You can reach billions of customers worldwide. You can still do a niche, just not geographically!

2️⃣ Globalization: yes, it might be fading, but it is not going to end. Regions will still need each other's products and services. Globalization? is why we have the Microsoft’s and Google's. That will keep going, especially in digital.

3️⃣ No Language Barriers: AI tools? can easily solve language and most cultural communications barriers. You can have instant translations, customer support and marketing activities solved with the right tools.

4️⃣ Circumvent Competition: competition? can be stronger in some regions, but in others there are markets for everyone. De-risk your business by being geographicaless (new word ?)

5️⃣ Freedom and Control: Your digitally-enabled startup can be decentralized, much like the crypto stuff. You can relocate ✈️ your business to any place, work with people all around, you're boundless, you're remote and you can grab opportunities anywhere in the world. Your digital work will also be protected, just back it up and restore it!

6️⃣ Think Big ?: If you want to make an impact you need to go global. If you're solving a problem for a certain user or persona, chances are you can adapt it and solve it for any human being. Guess what, they are all over the globe.

7️⃣ Social Impact: There are 8 billion of us, growing >80M (or ~1%) per year. If you want to make a positive impact ? in the world ? you will need to reach a nice chunk of it. Human beings are not solo beings, we are here to promote happiness to others. And that might be the best reason?!

Hope you'll agree with me that we shouldn't be geographically constrained when creating our startup ?, project or organization. Think big, empower your team and partners, build a global community and put your plan to action. That is what I am doing with MyBusiness.com, hope you're doing it too.

Miguel Cordeiro
Entrepreneur and Investor. Founder of Empreendedor.com a leading Portuguese Entrepreneurship Magazine and managing partner of Media Invest where is actively developing digital and ...