Best 10 Apps for Business Networking

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Effective networking is often the key to success for every Business. Professionals now have access to many apps designed to facilitate networking and relationship-building.

From connecting with industry peers to discovering potential collaborators and mentors, the right app can significantly enhance your networking efforts and open doors to new opportunities.

Enjoy our curated selection of the best apps for business networking.

1. MeetUp

Meetup is a social networking site that allows you to find and join groups related to your own personal interests. However, instead of just talking about these interests online, Meetup is used to organize offline and in-person meetings in your area. Common locations for Meetup groups include cafes, parks, and sometimes even people's homes.

Meetup houses many group topics, including books, food, outdoor activities, games, sports, and politics. Some are general, while others can be more specific. If you can't find a group for a specific topic you're interested in, you can always create your own Meetup group.

2. Shapr

The Shapr app works like Tinder, but for making professional connections. It shows you a list of users based on your industry and skills with whom you can connect with by swiping right. Like Tinder, you will be able to message a user only when you have mutually right-swiped each other.

Shapr can be used by job seekers, hiring managers, or even entrepreneurs who are seeking mentors for their startup.

Shapr enebles you to connect to your Twitter and LinkedIn profile. If you have signed up using LinkedIn, your Shapr profile will be automatically connected to your LinkedIn account, which can be viewed by a user.

3. Eventbrite

Eventbrite has two popular apps that allow you to discover great events or create your own. The Eventbrite Discover app enables you to search for upcoming events and conventions in your area of interest, sign up to classes, and connect with like-minded professionals.

4. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn app is a great option to serach and connect with the LinkedIn network that has over 500 million members. Besides being the perfect platform to manage your professional profile, the App opens up a world of contacts that enable you to build relationships, access insights, and create opportunities.

5. GroupMe

GroupMe is a group messaging application that provides useful and interactive features for group communications. nevertheless, GroupMe also provides an option for direct messaging between individuals.
GroupMe provides free group messaging, enabling you to set up and access private chat rooms for individuals of your choosing.

GroupMe provides free group messaging, and allows members to send unlimited amounts of media, such as photos, videos and locations, via your chat rooms.

6. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a management, marketing and interaction platform for event professionals looking for an all-in-one solution to host their website, event mobile app and live interaction activities

Bizzabo also provides a powerful app that is an ideal solution for businesses and entrepreneurs that host and attend events.

The Bizzabo App enables attendees to access a range of tools that will help them to build those valuable business connections. These include creating your own attendee profile and viewing profiles of others attending the event, private messaging, social media integration, and much more.

7. Common Connect

Common Connect enables people to connect based on interests, careers, and proximity. The app can be used to reach out to individuals in any industry or profession. By seting up the preferences to any specific field, niche, or job title within a particular location, people can search the app to find like-minded professionals who would like to connect.

8. SummitSync

SummitSync is an iOS and Android app that manages the networking process at events and meetings. SummitSync cansincronizes with LinkedIn accounts and search the profiles of others attending the same events and conferences. This enables also enables users to organize and schedule meetings at events in advance.

This App works in a similar way to Tinder, letting app users simply swipe left and right to view and reach out to potentially valuable business connections.

9. LetsLunch

LetsLunch is a very useful networking app that connects people via a Lunch or a Coffee meeting! LetsLunch uses AI software to identify potential smart matches based on your calendar, interests, and goals.

LetsLunch enebles face-to-face contacts, enabling you not build relationships, but also exchange ideas, hear about potential job opportunities, and get a foot in the door.

10. Brella

Brella is an event networking application that helps attendees to book meetings with the right people, even before the event has begun. This ensures attendees get the most out of an event.

Brella says its app allows attendees to make the ‘best possible connections’ at an event. Brella helps in finding new leads, clients or networking contacts.

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